Looking to get away from the sun a bit? These destinations might help relax after a long day of hiking, swimming, diving, playing on the beach. Surely in the future, there will be more coming, making Phu Quoc a modern place to visit, of course along with the natural and cultural values.


Porto Katsiki is a beautiful beach in Europe. It was ranked first in "Most beautiful beach in Europe" in 2012. The water is extremely blue and clear here. Because it is such a popular beach that there are a lot of people here enjoying the beach together. So it is a bit lack of personal space. But still a recommended destinations in Europe.

Foods And Drinks

Raw herring is one of Phu Quoc Island's most popular cuisine. The island itself is in Vietnam. This place has a rich supply of herring so it has become the signature dish of Phu Quoc. Everyone who visits this place has to try this dish once before leaving. Raw herring is an important dish of Phu Quoc and an important addition to the sea food culture of Vietnam.